Why can't we retry Lifetime deployment starting from second stage?

Hi guys,

when we are deploying from one environment to another through Lifetime (or even through Service Center), if we have an error during the second stage (while using the second stage feature), we cannot retry the deployment again starting from second stage.

This makes us start from the beginning going through the "prepare stuff" all over again. All things that could be avoided.

Of course, if the error involves us to fix something first in the code, we need to start all over, but, sometimes, is just an infrastructure thing, like a database lock, os some "hiccup" that unfortunately happen.

This hurts us a lot, specially when we have big changes in our applications. The first stage takes about 2h30m to finish, and a retry on it could be avoided if Lifetime or the Platform saved the status when the first stage ends.

Do you guys ever felt that?

What's your opinion on this?

Just a curiosity, our QA team doesn't understand how this scenario was never thought-out in OutSystems, I'm sure its quite common.


Nelson Freitas


Did not experienced it myself but I find it also a bit strange...