Quotes wanted for 2 OutSystems projects

We would like to get quotes for 2 projects to be completed in the OutSystems platform.  We have a "ContractorSandbox" area on our server where the work would be completed.  Work is for the Georgia Institute of Technology Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology.  We would like to see a conceptual mockup of the pages before project initiation.

Project 1: javascript such that on page load we can get the width and height of a OutSystems container in pixels.  What this will be used for is for items such as graphs or video's that do not have a % or column entry ability for width (only pixels) so that when a page loads on a users browser we can then size the items based on the container they are in.  So if they load a page and the container in which the graph is loading is 400px wide and 500px tall,  it should pass 400 and 500 from the javascript to the graph widget (highcharts).

Project 2: Page template for 3 nested pages.  We want a template for front end (what the viewer sees as well as the back end for the site administrator to enter data) built to mimic the look/feel of an existing non-OutSystems page and pull its data from the database.  If you open http://facilities.gatech.edu/ from the "GT Home >" bar above, you do not need to program this.  On the footer, from the "Resources >" bar down, you do not need to program this.  Both of these areas are already existing in our program.  For the center section of this webpage (what you need to program):

Page 1 (similar to facilities.gatech.edu)

- we will provide the hero image slideshow from existing pages, don't worry about integrating that.

- below the hero images a gallery of objects which are a picture with "learn more" overlayed on the bottom of the picture, and title text.  Very similar to the "Detours & Notices" and "Emergency?" items below the hero image on facilities.gatech.edu.  The picture and text would be enterable from the back end page by the page admins

Page 2 (similar to the resulting page from clicking on "Detours & Notices" on facilities.gatech.edu)

- this page results from clicking on one of the picture and text (not hero) objects listed in page 1.    At the top of the page the text from the object clicked in Page 1 is displayed at the top in bold and just below that information text the page admin will enter on the back end setup page.

- Next a table of objects similar to those on (http://facilities.gatech.edu/detours-notices) each of which will include an image, title text and information text.  Note that each of these objects has been assigned to the object on page 1 as an item to show up on its detail page.  From the example page (http://facilities.gatech.edu/detours-notices) I would like a bit more separation between the items.  Maybe a table list of card left images with a nice border.  Up to the person making the page to make it look good.

Page 3 (similar to the resulting page from clicking on "Improvements Coming to Ferst Drive" on http://facilities.gatech.edu/detours-notices)

- at the top of the page, title text from the object clicked on in page 2.

- below that a small or medium right column setup where the left column is text the administrator has entered on the back end page possibly with embedded images or html text/formatting along with any related links (enterable by the site admin on the back end page).

- right column with 2 sections.  First section is any associated files with this item (uploadable from the back end page by the site admin).  The second section is contact information for who is associated with this item (one or more people - just select someone from the user data table and then show their picture, name, phone number and email)

If any questions on these projects or to send quotes please email me at jasonherrington@gatech.edu

Hi Jason, 

Have you thought of putting these offers up on the Jobs section in the community?