Given a set of applications that shared the same theme upon creation of there modules (one theme, multiple applications, each with one or more modules), when that originating theme is updated - say to change the layout of the header - is there a way of automatically updating the applications/modules referencing that theme?

I had assumed that the applications just referenced the originating theme, rather than creating new instances of it.

Hi S S,

They don't create new instances of the theme, but a reference to another eSpace is always to that particular version of the eSpace. So if you create a new version, the changes won't be visible until you publish the consumer eSpace.

I'm doing something wrong here as I can't get the changes to cascade:

  • I'm using Vanilla from the forge.
  • I've created a couple of apps using the vanilla theme.
  • When I update the Vanilla theme - say changing the URL in the header - and publish, I see a notification that the individual consuming app modules have the outdated reference.
  • When I open or publish them they still have the old header URL.

What am I missing?

S S,

That is not behavious I would expect. The steps you describe seem the right ones.

Is there a guide or workflow for doing this, I can't see anything in the docs?