Service Studio Debugging hangs after stopping on breakpoint

After stopping on breakpoint first time after starting debuging session SS hangs: values of variables become unavailable or next step (run to another breakpont) nether completed. After that site becomes unresponsive until timeout. To make it works again I have to wait for site being responsive again and restart debugging session. It happeses on DEV environment but the same version works fine on QA environment. It happense on different PCs, SS versions, different routers and different users.


Does the Service Studio UI hangs completely of just the debug stops working?

If it still responds, can you send a Submit Feedback (from the help menu) after the problem occurs?

Also please check in Service Center error logs  if there are any related errors at that time.


João Rosado

Hi João, 

SS UI is working fine afer that. No error in the log. Feedbacks are submitted.

Best regards,


Don't see anything strange in the submitted logs.

Can you try to enable the "Use One Connection per Request in Debugger" option in the Service Studio preferences?

João Rosado

Unfortunatly this option didn't resolve the issue.

Best regards, Valery

Better open a Support Ticket then, to see if they can help you troubleshoot the situation.