How do I dynamically color cells in a table ?

How do I dynamically color cells in a table ?



I want to color my tables with either green or orange depending on some variable. how do i color them in a table's cell ?

Hi Gontse,

Check the extended properties of your cell (or table if you want to color the complete table).

You can set extended properties like "class" or "style" and control the color of the cells with them.


João Rosado

Eish im really not understanding you.. can you give me an example ?



Expanding what João said, what you have to do, is in each cell you want to have a dynamic background colour, go to the cell's extended properties:

choose the Style in the Property dropdown, and then add an expression to the Value. This expression will look something like If([condition], "background-color: [a colour]", "background-color: [another colour]").

Hope this helps!


Pheeew. got it right.. thank you. I was on a deadline.