[Infrastructure Monitor] Graphs do not work (but still monitoring) for localhost

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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos
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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos

I'm running this from my lifetime installation on my dev server.

The plugin works great for monitoring my production server (thanks for that, and the new improvements look great!)

However, ever since it was first setup months and months ago, the graphs for my dev server are blank (Additionally, some show no data.)

Data is clearly being recorded because it throws a disk space error warning and memory usage warnings, and shows how long they were happening etc. It even showed unable to fetch data errors when I was playing with the WMI account troubleshooting this (and that error clearing as well.)

I traced the problem to likely being a result of a highcharts error that occurs on the page for displaying graphs on my dev server, that doesn't occur on the graphs page for my production server.

The error is:


HighCharts.js?10181:259 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hide' of undefined 


TypeError: i is undefined

It appears to be happening on the first graph to load as the background of the graph loads but no lines ever get drawn on the graph.


i.hide(),j&&j.hide(),m(d,function(d,i){e=p(f,n?o?b.plotWidth:0:o?0:l.toPixels(l.min));f=w(l.toPixels(p(d.value,l.max),!0));s&&(e=f=l.toPixels(l.max));if(l.isXAxis){if(h={x:n?f:e,y:0,width:Math.abs(e-f),height:k},!o)h.x=b.plotHeight-h.x}else if(h={x:0,y:n?e:f,width:k,height:Math.abs(e-f)},o)h.y=b.plotWidth-h.y;b.inverted&&c.isVML&&(h=l.isXAxis?{x:0,y:n?e:f,height:h.width,

Everything appears to be identical between my two servers except the names and addresses.

Could there be an issue in the stored data that needs to be cleared? How would I do that?


Hi Braxton,

Thank you for your comment.

We have noticed a similar problem and have made some tentative fix for this issue, this is not versioned yet so i'm attaching the eSpace here to see if it fixes your problem, please let me know how it goes.

Renato Gonçalves


Unfortunately the issue is still happening with the new oml installed.

I waited about 45 minutes for new graphs to be generated, and even opened with a browser I rarely use to make sure the broken graphs were not cached.

I've attached a screenshot.

Braxton Bragg 


Hi Braxton,

Could you force your browser to clean its cache and check again?

If the behavior persists, could you check your browser's console for errors? Is it the same as you posted before?

Kind regards,

Ivo Gonçalves