Happy International Programmers Day! Video & Prizes!

Hey guys,

Happy International Programmer's Day!

We would like to celebrate you on this day - you who pulled too many all-nighters, who have built apps that have transformed businesses and made our lives easier.

To celebrate your awesomeness, OutSystems will be awarding 256 prizes throughout the next two days: 24 drones, 24 t-shirts, 24 caps and 184 stickers.

Click here to find more details and win one of the 256 prizes!

Oh, and here is a video from OutSystems' own Programmers and Developers:

Have a great day!

Will there be pie?


it is funny,



I'm one of those who has won a drone for participating in @OutSystemsDev #ProgrammersDay. 

I followed the instructions,  but until now I not received any information about delivery of the "gift".  Another guys are in the same situation.  We are waiting forany word in a Twitter group, but nobody tell us what's happening. 

Can anyone help us? 

Gabriel Lopes