I'm using the EmailAddressValidate() function and I'm having two problems:

  1. First of all, a@b does pass the validation, while a@ isn't - I know that in theory a domain name might not contain a TLD, but in practice it will. And most of the times when you see a regexp for an emailaddress the check for the TLD is there. 
  2. Secondly, the function isn't blue in the Expression editor

Am I doing something or is this a bug of some sort? 

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The HealthcareProfessionalForm.Record.User.Email has a data type of Email.

Hi Erik-Jan

Regarding the first point, there is a related discussion in the forums addressing it.

The second, yes it's a visual bug in Service Studio. The newer functions that have been added in the recent versions do not appear with the blue color. It's just a visual issue, it does not affect any of the functionality. 

João Rosado

Thanks Joao. I've read the other topic, but because the advice is not to accept something like xyz@gmail in a production environment it might be better to have at least a parameter in the function telling OutSystems to also check whether there is a TLD. In my opinion, in the current situation the function is of little practical use. But that's more something for the idea section so I added the issue there. I've searched for a topic over there but couldn't find it. 

Your response concerning the visual bug is clear to me. Thanks.