Cannot pass ListRecord Current ID to Screen Action, works fine with Navigate

I'm having a problem with a very basic action on my notifications header. I fetch the notifications for the logged in user and display in a pop out menu when the icon is clicked. 

I have ListRecords added to the pop out menu with everything displayed literally at this point. I have a link on the Notification Id expression.

I cannot pass the Notification Id via the link to the "Mark As Read" screen action. It always shows Id is 0 or null.

Now if I change ONLY the Destination field on the link to a NotificationDetail page (I don't even have to change the Id variable being passed - nothing but this field is being changed), the Notification Id gets passed just fine. The Notification detail page opens up as expected with the appropriate record.

What am I missing here? Why can I not pass the Id to the screen action? My goal is that when the user clicks the link, the notification will be marked as read (via a boolean value in the entity) and navigate to a page.

Hi Jesse

I'm pretty sure it should have the same result (and work) in both cases.

Can you try some things?

1- In your action, in your assign inside the MarkAsRead action do something with the value of the input. Like setting your bool to NotificationId <> NullIdentifier() .And see if it turns true.

2- Also in the assign do the same, bue instead of using the input write the same expression that you are passing to the input. Like  NotificationsList.List.Current.Notification.Id <> NullIdentifier.

3 - Try to change the type to Ajax Submit

Did any of them work?

João Rosado