Hello, guys and gals!

New OutSystems Training Webinar coming up, another can't miss right from the ranks of our fantastic UX Experts!

Wireframing Made Easy is a hands-on course that will encourage you to start from simply sketching on a piece of paper, to laying out more refined structures - wireframes - and all the way up to creating interactive prototypes enabled with InVision.

Join this session to learn how to apply the UX process essentials to create a sample application: from the gathering of requirements to wireframes, the OutSystems way - fun and dynamic.

To hit the ground running, you will learn different techniques and how to use supporting software. This workshop will help you improve communication with teams and clients, impressing them with the visual representation of your ideas, all the while shortening development time.

Join UX Expert Margarida da Marça for this session,  September 21st at 2PM (GMT+1) / 9AM (EDT) / 9PM (SGT)

Recording available here

As promised during the webinar Margarida delivered just a few minutes ago, here are the Balsamiq files — https://balsamiq.com/ — for the Holiday/Vacations Approval application she wireframed.

Play around with them, have fun! We hope you enjoyed Margarida's session as much as we did.


d'oh, totally forgot about it :(

Is there a link where we can watch it?

Hello, guys!

Don't worry, we'll add the video and slideshare link to the pinned post up top, and eventually the video will also be posted on OutSystems TV. Joost, you're gonna love this one ;)

We're gonna have some really nice news in the following days about these webinar sessions we've been doing, too.

Just follow the thread and I'll leave a heads-up as soon as we have the video and slides posted here.

Hi Guys! Video and slides already available!

Slideshare | Youtube


Thanks. With Digital Transformation webinars in the same week, some of us had to drop one.