How to insert a link in a listbox record?

Hi everyone,

I have built up an oml (attached) with two listboxes: CLIENTI and COMMESSE.
Basically when you click on a record in the first listbox you will see the related records of the second one.

My question is:
is there a way to link a record in a listbox to reach a detail page?

It would be interesting for a user to view a detail page of a record simply by double-clicking the record itself.


Hi Jim,

I've seen your OML and i don't know if there's a way to put a link in a listbox. 

There's a workaround for that:

Instead of Listbox, we can use ListRecord so that we can assign a link to the label and set the link to the detail page. 

Kind regards,



Hi Gianmaria,

Giving link is not possible in Listbox but in order to go to the details page of user, you can put link of detail page on your "OnCommessaSelection" action instead of End.

Hope this helps.

-- Suraj B

Thank you guys for the answers, I really appreciate it.
I'll try both solutions and see which fits better for my purpose.