Personal Area (Development Environment)

Good Day!

May I kindly ask for your assistance.
I'm planning to use my personal area of our Development Environment.
I've managed to publish the application but when executing the Debugger of my personal area, a communication error is being displayed by Service Studio.
I've checked my role in coordination with our Admin, and it seems it was correctly set to Change and Deploy across all applications in our Dev.
We are using Java Stack.

Our current Environment Version is On-Premise.

Thank you and kind regards,


hi Christopher Bautista,

Please check all the references, if your project containing the multiple espaces and there is one more option under debugger select the entry espace.


Manish Jawla

Hi Manish,

Below is the screenshot for the Debugger ---> Select Entry eSpace option.

Thank you and kind regards,


hi Christopher,

i believe that your are in different zone, like environment you login "" is in (ex. zone 1), and espace you are working is belongs to another zone(ex. zone 2), inorder to work in personal area with debug mode, both working espace and environment you loggedin must be in same zone.