Good morning,

I am currently in a remote client where we need to connect to a specific computerr via remote desktop to be connected to the network.

In this computers it is not possible to install the Service Studion (Administration restrictions). In order to user Service Studio, we need again to connect from this computer to another computer via Remote Desktop, which is also connected to the network and has the Service Studio installed.

It is very painfull to work like this, due to the slow connection.

I wonder if it is possible to instal\copy the Service Studio to a pen drive, and run it directly from there (or copy it to the computer), without the need to install it (which requires administration previleges in the first computer to which we connect).

Thank you,

Vasco Mendes

Hi Vasco,

Maybe to ease that specific scenario you can use our experimental Service Studio Web version that runs on the browser.

You can access it by pointing your browser to 

It's only available with the 9.1.301.0 version, so it may be incompatible with earlier Platform Server versions.

But notice that this version has some limitations and it is not recommended for long running usage.

Let us know if this suits your case.

Thank you for your help.

There are several problems with that solution...  

We are on 9.0, and also, we don't have access to external internet (just intranet).

I think the only solution that suits our problem is to be able to run Service Studio from a pen drive, or external hard drive.

Any other ideas?