Service Center - eSpace Web Services

Hi guys,

I'm on a client that has two environments, DEV and PROD, and for some reason at DEV environment I have the same WSDL used for the PROD environment.

The problem, at DEV Service Center we configured a different URL for Web Service on DEV environment not work, but the webservice worked and created DEV data on the PROD side.


Service Studio:

PROD WebService: http://teste.asmx

DEV WebService: http://teste.asmx

Service Center:

DEV WebService: http://testeDisable.asmx

The client has version 7.

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Best Regards,

Diogo Miguel

In earlier versions you needed to publish to make the change effective. I'm not sure about 7, but in 6 there's a small note in Web Services section: "Press 'Apply' and then publish your eSpace to make the changes effective."

Hello Nuno,

When I press 'Apply' appears the following sentence:

"The change made to Effective URL is going to have immediate impact on the ‘Emissoes’ eSpace and all of its Consumers.

Apply this change?"

I think that in version 7 I don't need to Publish after making the change.

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel

Can the wrong webserver be real (or an alias of the good one)?

Can you debug the call to see where it is going?

No, the URL at Service Center it's not working neither is an alias to the good one.

I can't debug because the client is afraid that I send more DEV data to PROD -.-

I think I found the problem...
In the middle of the code I found the action SetWebReferenceURL, and this action is forcing the PROD WSDL.
This is the problem? This action is overwriting the WebService Reference at Service Center?

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel


I never heard of a case where SetWebReferenceURL was actually needed, so I forgot that existed.

That's a plausible reason. SetWebReferenceURL changes the URL only for the next call.



Many thanks for the help.