Office 365 connector to multiple tenants


We have integrated O365 connector and using it successfully for authentication. However, we are planning to now extend this to multiple tenants that we have. We have tested with the same connection using other tenant's login but it fails complaining about app id not found as shown below - 

"AADSTS70001: Application with identifier 'b9ae0d77-99f8-4b1c-bf0b-faefa827cbc2' was not found in the directory 23d5962d-6c6a-44a6-b7a4-f4c6aa0f6cfd"

The error makes sense as we have never registered our app on the other tenant. Could you please suggest if there is a way to integrated multiple O365 connectors or suggest any other better approach to integrate multiple tenants? 



Hi Aravind,

You can better ask this question in the forum for that component, instead of in the general forum. You'll probably get quicker / better response there.

ok thanks Kilian - I have posted it to the csp who has tagged the creators of this component.