Multiple choices with radio button to string variable


In short - I am wondering if it is possible to implement radio button ar a chebox, where multiple choices can be marked as correct ones and saved to the string variable. I want to avoid static entity because of the data migration and the troubles that it brings for it.

For example in the form I've got following question and pattern answers for it:

What made you want to be a volunteer teacher?

1.Passion for teaching

2.Want to learn another language for free

3.Want people to be familiar with my culture

4.Want to learn about other cultures

5.Want to increase network of friends

6.Other (fill your own)

I want to have all of these as possibilities and be able to select from 1 to 6 and to store them into a string. Any ideas how to implement that? Alternatives and all the possible ways to solve this is appreciated (avoiding static entities is priority).

Thanks in advance!


That is not OS, but a simple javascript issue.

I'd recommend that you just save the numbers because text is prone to frequent changes or you can have the form in distinct languages.

To save them use some code to read through the selected options, store them to a hidden field and save that field instead of the options.

To read them use SubStr while generating the form and check if it was saved.