How to create a Text Field as Primary Key

Hi There,

I am new on outsystems platform. Apologize if this seems a silly question. 

I am trying to build an application and have few queries regarding this. I do not have any external database for this. I am using OutSystems entity for this POC. (Created an entity and set some attributes in it. "email" is one of the attributes out there.)

1. I want to manipulate Entity Records like delete/update, is there any editor present out there to edit entity data? 

2. In my application, one module is built for user registration. Where I want to set "email" as the primary identifier/ unique identifier. At entity level when I am making "email" as Primary Identifier ("set as the identifier"), it is not allowing to insert any Text value. Could you please help me with the understanding to make the "email" field a primary key?


1) There is no built-in way to edit entity data like there is in database tools like SQL Server.  But it's extremely easy to create the CRUD (create, read, update and delete) screens by dragging and dropping the entity onto the web flow.  If you don't know how to do this please take time and review the training material Outsystems provides.

2) Yes, you can make anything the primary key but doing what you suggest is a bad idea from a database design standpoint.  You should leave the ID value alone, create another field for email and modify the indexes to make the email field unique. This link will help you with that -

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