[Silk UI Framework] [Silk UI Framework] .Button Load - Problem with comfirmation message

[Silk UI Framework] [Silk UI Framework] .Button Load - Problem with comfirmation message

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Published on 10 May by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 10 May by OutSystems Labs


I'm developing a page that needs a confirmation message when the user submits the form.

In my submit link I have two classes associated, .Button and .Load. The problem with that is when the user cancels the confirmation message. After that, the user can't submit the form again.

Do you have any solution for this, or is a common problem that is in your backlog to be solved?

Best Regards,


Hi Nelson,

You mean that closing the feedback message will prevent the form from being submitted again? That doesn't sound like normal behavior - can you confirm it?

Hi Tiago,

It's not the feedback message, but the link's confirmation message. So, when you click on a link (it has the .Load css class), and the confirmation message appears. In this case, if you cancel teh confirmation message, the form won't be submitted again, at least until you refresh the page.



Hi Nelson!

I'm not sure if I understood your problem. What you want is something like this?


Or you are trying to use a Silk component?

If you could use some screenshots to help in describing your problem, it would be nice :)


Hi Nelson,

I don't recall having any issue like that before. It might be something specific existing on your web screen. With a bit more detail, we might be able to help out.