RichWidgets\Input_Calendar only with Month/Year

Hi there,

Can someone tell me if it is possible to use the RichWidgets Input_Calendar but only showing the month and the year?

Thanks in advance,

Luis Dinis


Not sure. But what is the advantage of using the calendar-widget then?

Imho you should create a custom widget for it because it's not much. If a widget is handy at all.

I want to do something to allow the user choose Month & Year, but not the day.

I can do with a combo box for example, but I want to use one calendar widget, preferencially the richwidget because I have in multiple webscreens along the application.


Nothing new?

Thanks Tiago...

Did you ever find a way to do this?  Datedropper won't work in my case either.  I found this jquery library that does a selector, but I'm having issues with data types and the component.