HTTP Error 403: Forbidden upon accessing Web Service


We are currently doing (exposing) a webservice written also in Outsystems deployed in the Java platform. Upon testing (consuming), we are able to import the webservice in a .NET stack platfom but is not able to use it (i.e.: Preparation, function) because it returns a 403: forbidden error.

The webservice does not have any certificate defined and so is the server.

We have tried to isolate the issue by:

  • Consuming the webservice on the same server - OK
  • Deploying the webservice on a .NET stack and consuming on the Java stack - OK
  • Deploying the webservice on a .NET stack and consuming on the .NET stack - OK

The webservice was initially deployed on premise and has tight security features (which might be the cause of the error) then decided to deploy this on the cloud - however, this also resulted to the 403 error.

The webservice is deployed on v9.0 and is being test consumed by v9.1.

What are the other properties that we can check for this?

Hi Geraldine,

You will have to find out what is blocking request and giving you the 403 error.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that you marked it as "Internal access" on the service properties it's being rejected when it's not an internal network request.

If it's not that ...check the logs in Service Center to see if the calls generated any logs there.

João Rosado

Hi Geraldine,

Do you access the web service on https or http? If the former, you do need a valid certificate on the server.