HI everyone.

I have some easy problem to solve but i'm spending a lot of time and don't want it.

I have 10 option check list and i only have to keep 5 option at the maximum.

Saw i want to select 5 and then spend a message to don't past that number.

I send the image for the checklist. 

If you need any extra information, i send you later.

Thanks and have a nice week,


Hi José if I understand correctly your client can select only five options, like you said this is easy. I think that you is using Checkbox object inside a List Records, so in On Change event you can verify how many of the list are selected and if pass 5 you can unckeck one.

If you do not want to clear randomly but only clear the last selected item you can save it in a variable and clear it only. That's right and I missed something in the question?

That's it Alexandre Costa. But i don't have a list box properly. 

I've ten check boxs and i want to validate that don't past 5. 

Like you said, it's the way is create ten variables and then associate do the check box? I think i´ll past this easy on change cenario for all that 10 check boxs. I'm really confuse. 

Thanks for your help.