What’s new?... A whole bunch!

The time has finally arrived! Yes, OutSystems 10, the new version of our platform is now available! OutSystems 10 is our biggest release ever, and I’m sure you’re dying to upgrade your personal environment. As you go through that process, here’s all the cool stuff you’ll find:

Mobile App Delivery: Visually build mobile apps with gorgeous interfaces and interactions that just feel natural. Once you’re done, generate your ready-to-deploy installation packages for iOS or Android with just one click. 

Offline Capabilities: Create apps that work offline no matter how complex they are. Store data on the device and easily synchronize between client and server.

Performance: We redesigned the way applications are built and generated for performance. Offload logic, data manipulation and storage to mobile devices. Your apps will be faster than ever.

Extensibility: A new Javascript editor, a brand new html widget, and the easy integration with native plugins open up a whole new world in front-end extensibility.

Productivity: Faster publishing, dynamic styles and samples in placeholder are just a few of the productivity enhancements available on 10. And be sure to check the new list operations; they’ll make your day!

Strengthened Security: Your apps comply with security best practices and tackle the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

For those of you who want to go deeper, be sure to dive into the specifics in the “New in OutSystems 10” article.

But that’s not all…

Someone once said that great things never come alone (and if no one said it - well, we just did). So along with a brand new release comes a brand new OutSystems user experience. 

We thought about every detail - a new training area so you have a smooth journey through our guided paths, courses and webinars, together with a forge full of mobile components and apps for you to explore. You’ll become an OutSystems Jedi developer in no time. Oh, and have you visited your new Getting Started page? We’ve polished the Personal Environment and Enterprise Infrastructure to make your life easier. How about that?

Last but not least, we have training changes to announce: We’ve just launched three new digital courses and three brand new boot camps. How cool is that?

Have you browsed through all these features? We’d love to know what you think, so please contact us when you’re ready to share.

P.S: We know you can’t wait to upgrade your environment, so check out the guidelines on how to do this.


Carla Sofia

Gratz on the big big job.

One thing...are we back with SU's now?

So AO's was a nice experiment??

Hey J! Thanks!

No, we are sticking to AOs :) 

J. wrote:

Gratz on the big big job.

One thing...are we back with SU's now?

So AO's was a nice experiment??