OutSystems new training page

Hi guys!

Everyone is very excited about the new OutSystems 10!

Yes, we know you’re smart (better, you’re brilliant developers), but we want to help you be even smarter, more brilliant and super fast. 

So, big news! 

We have a new training page! This work of art will help you find all the content you need to start developing with OutSystems 10.

(I know your companies will tell you to do it. But we wanted to give you the chance to get ahead of everyone.)

First and fast (as we are), the news:

Guided Paths

So, you’re a developer and want to to know what to learn? Guided paths can help! Learn about our new platform, consider a full course on mobile or web development with OutSystems, and learn about other paths to take. Pick either web or mobile and start now for free! Later, enroll in one of the specialties like front-end or architecture.


Once upon a time, we had a few courses for those who like to learn online. But that was the olden days. Now you can take courses with different levels, crash courses and webinars with high tech content about OutSystems. You can explore them — no nova crystals necessary.

Boot Camps

If you want to learn from outstanding trainers on-site, enroll in new boot camps that can be held at your company or at the OutSystems offices:

  • Developing OutSystems Web Applications - for web developers.

  • Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps - for adventurous mobile developers just starting out with OutSystems.

  • Mobile for OutSystems Developers - for OutSystems Jedis who want to learn OutSystems 10.


Enhance your learning journey by visiting the new documentation home page. Discover what’s new in OutSystems 10 and get all the information you need to create amazing mobile and web applications. 

There’s nothing to fear. The OutSystems Training team’s Grand Masters are ready to get you up to speed quickly so you can develop brilliantly. 

Join us! 

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