Not able to hold data in input password control in edit mode

Hi ,

I have one issue. I use the input password control to save the password. its store the data in database which is fine. But when I try to edit the password using popup editor, it is not holding data. its showing empty control.

how to resolve this?

Please advise.


Sattibabu Vatti.


It's a safety mechanism actually, from both the platform and the browser. Otherwise the platform would have to send the actual password to client ...and that would be a huge security issue.

One thing that you can do, if you just want to prevent the feeling from the user from looking at an empty field is to set in the input an extended property named "value" and set it to "********".

And then on the save action check if the values are *, meaning he didn't change them.

Also noticed that you said "its store the data in database which is fine". I hope you are not storing any password in clear on the database. Passwords should always be hashed (or encrypted in some cases) when stored.

João Rosado