Tracking a technicians movement

Hi All,

I had a request to track the route taken by a technician and store that for future analysis.

Any suggestion how to accomplish this?




Give him/her a gps-tracker he/she has to wear? Or place it in the car...

When done the technician has to turn in the tracker. You read the data en process it?

Sure that is a option. 

But my question is rather, is it possible to track this with the cellphone with an OutsystemsNow application that they already use. This will negate the expense of more devices and more interfaces.

The OutSystemsNow shell and module have the GPS functionality already available for use.

It just requires you to include it onto the page where you need it or into a layout if you always need it.


And you need to create some poller to keep track of the changes.

with P10 it should be in local storage ofcourse,

Hello J,

can you please tell me how can i track a car which is having a GPS devise built in ..How could i register that device in my app so that it start showing me its location.



Hi Pramod,

If your car's GPS has bluetooth, then pair it with your phone, and build an application to read the coordinates via the phone's bluetooth.

See if this works.

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