[ShoutSystems] Error "Can't find variable: fixinputs" on signup

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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-10 by Labs


I have error "Can't find variable: fixinputs" after signing up and nothing works after it.

Also it is said now that "Your Platlform version is not compatible" - I have version

I would like to integrate this chat to our project so will appreciate any help on this issue:)

Thank you


Hello Mykola,

That first issue happens because SILK was upgraded and there are a few things that need to be changed on the application.

The second issue happens because this application it's in version

In the next days, a new ShoutSystems version will be published with those issues fixed. 



Thank you for your reply Magda,

looking forward for an update

Hello Mykola,

Shoutsystems was updated.

Let me know if you have any question.


Thank you for being so quick - it is all working now! 

I'm getting this error with an App (not ShoutSystems) I migrated from EAP10 server to a Personal Environment on Server What are the steps to fix the error?

Hi Gavin,

Please check if you have the latest Silk Mobile version (if not, update it).
Refresh your application references and layout blocks, and everything should work.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

PS: Is that an OutSystems featured app?


Hi Francisco,

I already have the latest version (1.0.1) and had refreshed my references.

No it's not an OS Featured app, it's a custom application. It was on an EAP platform running, I downloaded the oap and installed it in a new personal environment running

I've now copied the layout & menu webblocks over from a new 'clean' application and it seems to have fixed the issue but I'm a bit concerned about what else has changed in the new template.


I'm not sure if we have a list of what needs to be changed.
If you really want to take advantage of all the latest blocks i would advise you to create a new application, copy everything (blocks and actions) and then add your logic, one by one.
Otherwise i would at least recommend you look at layout and menu, like you already did, but also the offline block if it is important for your application. (It changed a lot)