New in OutSystems 10

This link is worth posting on it's own. Here's everything that's new in OutSystems 10:

What's your favorite small feature? Javascript syntax checking, the new list actions, refresh all references, other...

 Leave your feedback below.

Everything is Awesome!

Nothing short of awesomesauce.

If I have to pick...

List-actions and switch-statement.

Oh, and 1 click publish ofc...

Hi J, You are right, list operations, switch labels and faster 1CP are really cool.

@Pedro Oliveira, that's unfair, you need to pick one (or a small list)

Nice to have a list of non-mobile changes.

I've not really looked into it yet, but as far as small features go, those List actions seem very useful.

wow! very excited to try out all the new features   

It'd be good to have the ability to open multiple apps from the OutSystems Now. Multi-tasking is common in mobile, e.g. copy paste texts from one app to another easily? 

Hi Boney Sze,

Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback. Regarding your suggestion I'll forward it to the team in charge.


Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago,

Really awesome features   !!! there is lots of new features. I will definitely try most of them, specially the offline mobile app. Thanks for the new version.


Manish Jawla

@Tiago you´re probably right when you say I "need to pick one (or a small list)"   

Out of the "non-mobile" topics I'll probably vote for parenthesis matching and the "mis-align fix". Small things but that make a huge difference as a developer.

I *really* like the new icon.


Seriously, if you have to use both 10 and 9.1, having different icons makes it actually possible to tell which is which when you pin them to the task bar.

I mean, look at it:

Sometimes it's the little things!

Hi Carlos,

That's a good one, we forgot to put it in the list :).
Anyone else?

Tiago Simões