Database Image not cached in browser

I have a web screen that shows a table from records in the database. The last column contains an image that is stored in the database.

I'm using the "Database" type for the image widget, and have the "Cache" property set to "1 Week",

However, it does not seem to ever cache the images in the browser cache; every time I refresh the page, it seems to be re-downloading all of the images from the server.

These are images that don't change very often, but they may need to create a new record with a new image from time to time.

Is there any way to get the database images to be cached by the browser?

Hi Corey,

It does not say explicitly, but afaik the cache is referring to the server-cache.

To leverage it to the browser you need to add some headers to the pages.

How do I add headers to the download response for the Database Images? We're talking HTTP headers returned by the server, not HTML headers in the page, right?

I see this is an old threat, but I'm having the same problem for the same reasons. Is there a way to set HTTP headers on image downloads from the database?