epub in version 10

epub in version 10


i want to asked how can i develop epub in service studio version 10?

so i want make as online book to read.

but i still confused how to make it, can someone help me? and how to input lib in this project?

thank u

Hi Grace,

Am I to understand you want to create an ePub reader with platform 10? Do you want it to be a mobile app?

i want to added epub library in platform 10 and also that apps will run in mobile.

but i do not know how to add library in outsystems.

can u help me, please?

Hi Grace,

You are talking about a library, is this a .NET or Java library (and assuming it's the same as the stack your platform runs on)? If so, what kind of API does it expose? Remember that with the OutSystems platform, all screen handling should be done with the platform, and can't easily (or at all) be done with an external library. However, if the library supports returning text (plain or HTML formatted) for a certain page, it should be possible to create a reader.

it is javascript library.

as i have folder which i want to added in resource but in resource i just can added file not a folder.

that is make me confused how to make epub in the outsystems.

do u have that experienced for it?

If it's JavaScript, it's client side, so that makes things easier.

Assuming that you use Platform version 9 (9.0 or 9.1; in version 10, especially for mobile, there's different things you can do), you can add the files in the folder as a Resource (Data tab in Service Studio, folder Resources, it's the last one). As Deploy Action chose "Deploy to Target Directory" and for all your files, chose the same directory.

i tried it but have error not found directory. 

the error like this "kline-port-of-peril.epub_ZRKgtKi_Eju3X5CjI49uwg?ZRKgtKi_Eju3X5CjI49uwg' with status: Not Found".

my file which i added in resource is kline-port-of-peril.epub.