Scheduler Service: Error executing request, Timer failed before starting (Linux)

Scheduler Service: Error executing request, Timer failed before starting (Linux)


Hello everyone,

sorry I have to ask this dumb question but I'm stuck now and this is my very first outsystem installation.

so my environment run on:

linux centos 6.7 x64, oracle 11gr2, wildfly 8.2.1, java jdk 1.8.0_102, running on our own server.

now i just found out error on the log:

Message:Scheduler Service: Error executing request for Timer CheckSystemStatus. Request duration = 0 secs. [Timer failed before starting: please check if there are any errors in this module]
Environment InformationeSpaceVer: 0 (Id=0, PubId=0, CompiledWith=
RequestUrl:  (Method: )
ClassLoader: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@2e5d6d97(777874839)
DateFormat: yyyy-M-d
PID: 5976 ('5976@outsysppu', Started='10/7/16 9:22:01 AM', Priv=44Mb, Virt=208Mb)
TID: 292
Thread Name: Timer Processor #2
JRE\: 25.102-b14

what should I do to fix this error ?

thank you in advanced.

Hi Arnold, 

did you check the error in ServiceCenter as well? ( <server>/ServiceCenter )



Hi Hans,

Thanks for your reply.

yes I did check and get this error message from the Service Center (Monitoring > Errors), I already check the details of this warning but I did not see any clue which I could do to solve this problem.

do you have any clue what should I check / should I do to fix this problem?

thank you.

Don't you see any more errors? and can you click on the Monitoring > Environment health to see if errors exist? And I don't know if you can ask OutSystems Support.

Regards, Hans