Will Outsystems handle huge date in database ?

HI Team,

We are planning to built an application which will store 20 Million master records per year on the database. Will Outsystems be capable of processing the huge data efficiently. My client has purchased Outsystems platform with MS SQL server as database.

We are lot more concerned about the performance of the data retrieval. We are also thinking of going with NoSql databases. Does Outsystems support for external databases such as No SQl., Mongo DB etc  ?.

Can anyone suggest what will be the better option?

Thanks in advance



You really should do some database performance testing before even worrying about the platform performance.  I would give you the same advice whether you were doing Outsystems, Java, .Net or anything else.

While 20 million records a year seems like a lot it really isn't for today's database software.  What is more of a concern is the peak load.  How many of those 20 million are added in a month, day, hour or minute?  How many concurrent users are there?  Will all these records remain in the database so that in five years its 100 million, not 20 million?

You should definitely do some performance testing of any database software you are considering.  You can use Outsystems to put something together fairly quickly.  What I've done is load the database from a spreadsheet and created a few screens (or just use aggregates) to see what the performance is like.  Remember to use indexes and properly normalize the database for best performance!!

To answer your question, yes Outsystems can definitely handle this if the database is designed correctly.

Hope this helps,