I'm using the built-in function EncodeHtml() to generate a url link, the problem is that I have a parameter that is a Date Time and when converting it's generating  "2016-10-11%2023:59:59" instead of "2016-10-11 23:59:59" and then it doesnt retrieves any info.

I've tried lots of things but it always replace the space by the %20

Hi Paula, what are you trying to achieve? What are you encoding, and what parameter are you talking about?

Note that screen parameters always have spaces replaced by %20, since URLs cannot have spaces in them. When using the parameter, it's converted back to a space again (and in the car of a date time converted from text).

It's an input parameter. Well it is not converting it back again to the web. I think I need to use a component to decode the html, I´m going to try it.

You need to use the DecodeHTML in the HTMLRenderer extension to reverse the encoding :)

Hi Paula, again, can you tell me what you want to achieve? If you have a normal web screen, with normal input parameters, you do not need to convert anything, the platform will take care of that!

The only thing I can think of you're trying, is for some reason converting the parameter, then finding out in the same state at the other end. But there's no need for conversion in the first place!


I was using the function EncodeHtml and it wasnt need. I took the function and concatenate the parameters.


Well, I hope you've got everything in order. But really, if you have questions, next time try to be so clear as possible in what you want to achieve, what you are trying to do (and why!) and what doesn't work for you. This will also help for the more experienced amongst us to guide you in the right direction in case you have wrong perceptions about things (which, in this case, seems to have been the case - I can think of almost no use case for EncodeHtml under normal circumstances).