Does anyone know of a way to automagically check-in a OML into TFS when you do the 1-click publish thing?

Or maybe check-in the modules in a LifeTime package when you publish it from DEV to QA?

I'm asking for a friend   

I'd be very suprised if there was a way to do that. And even if there was, you wouldn't want it, as you don't want a check-in every time someone publishes something for testing: you'd only want a deliberate check-in (if I check our development server, the developers publish about once every 2-5 minutes on average, so that's hundreds of publishes every day. And since OMLs are binary blobs, your TLS would grow rapidly to enourmous proportions.

That said, the Platform is not set up for using traditional version control (no differential storing, only binaries), but you shouldn't need to, as the version history is in the database and you can check it from Service Center.

Oh, I agree it's a bad idea.

But the "powers that be" decided it, so...

And yes, I've read this post by J. James: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/15398/closing-the-gap-between-ui-and-data/#Post60980

Err... I mean, my friend thinks it's a bad idea...


Well, then you need to explain the powers that be that this is not possible with OutSystems, since the Platform has integrated version management, which cannot be combined with external source code management.