Can I use stand alone OutSystemsNow application with version 10


I was wondering if it is possible to continue use OutSystems Now customized application with Platform version 10 applications? 

The reason I'm asking as we currently having trouble integrating third-party plugin in v10 but they are working on standalone OSNow application with version 9 and we are planning to update to v10.

Best regards,

Hi Nick.

You cannot use your customized version with OutSystems 10 apps (assuming mobile apps) because it requires extra features that your customization does not have. The best is to generate a full application using the Platform.

What plugins are you struggling with? Maybe we can help with that.



Hi César,

Thanks for your reply. Our problem is ZeroConf plugin ( - 

I've tried to integrate it same way as flashlight plugin, but it seems that is not initialized by cordova (as it doesn't appear in list of plugins in cordova_plugins.js under module.exports and module.exports.metadata sections.

I don't see any signs of errors or warnings it is just that plugin not there at all...

Hello Nick. 

I'll follow up on that thread and help you from there.