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Published on 17 Feb (2 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 17 Feb (2 days ago) by leonardo.fernandes

Hi.  I am getting the following error in my app when the server has been upgraded to 

Method 'Log' in type 'OutSystems.NssEventSystem.Events.SideEffects.ScreenLoggerInterceptor' from assembly 'OutSystems.NssEventSystem, Version=9.1.300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.

I have tried to re-publish the extensions (EventStack and EventSystem) from Integration Studio v10.0.105.0 but that seems to want me to install a ton of Java stuff before I can proceed.

Can you please advise the best steps to take to resolve this?


Actually I eventually managed to compile and publish it.  The problem now is just that is silently fails to work in the consuming espaces.

Do you have any ETA for when you might be able to support the Events System in v10+? 

Same problem here.

same here

Hi guys. I am aware of this problem, and I'm trying to solve it. That still may require one week to get it done.

Also, the Event System version for 10.0 will have all its source code included. So I'm also working in getting it nicely packaged.

Awesome!  Thanks Leonardo for the quick reply!

I am having issues with this module following platform 10 upgrade as well, albeit exceptions of a different nature. Thank you for your quick reaction, Leonardo.

Support for 10.0 is published on the latest version! Go grab it, and enjoy!

VERY awesome!!!  Thank you so much Leonardo for your work on this.  It's a fabulous utility and I really appreciate it.  Upgraded, tested, seems to be working great.

I'm curious though as to why you wanted to make it open-source?

I'm obviously for it, but wondering about the reasons for the move.

Shawn Hall wrote:

I'm curious though as to why you wanted to make it open-source?

I'm obviously for it, but wondering about the reasons for the move.

Hi Shawn. I suppose that I no longer have the time and a well-defined roadmap to evolve this component. Besides, it wasn't generating revenue at all.

And I believe many people didn't use it, because of that closed-source policy. I think it should become more widely used, and I hope it grows into being the foundation of building reusable components here on forge.


Was this kind of feature adopted by OutSytems in P10? (Haven't found it yet, but I remember this was said somewhere).

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Hi Evert.

In 9.1 it was added a new Notify mechanism, that is synchronous. That means that you can notify the parent web block (or web screen) natively with version 9.1+.

However, as far as I know, there isn't any way to invoke actions from web blocks that are not direct parents of the current web block. For instance, it's still not possible to refresh a widget that is inside the header (like a shopping cart or a notification indicator) directly from a web block, or invoke events in bulk (like validation events on a table records).

Hi Leonardo,

I know I heard something, but never see something like that. The notify action can do the logic that is needed, but it isn't really the way you wanted it. In the earlier versions I set the buttonId in a session variable and on the other block did the widget click on the session.ButtonId. This Event Systems works better (-:

Nice you can explain it!

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