Error consuming SOAP Webservice: The server committed a protocol violation."

Hi all,

i'm getting this error:

"The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"

 when I'm trying to consume a SOAP web service method.

Anyone has any idea what could be causing this issue?

For now I just want to understand if is something "wrong" in outsystems side that I need to configure or if is something wrong on the Web service side.

I'm getting this error when i'm using the method (drag and drop) and also when I use a HTTP Post request function passing all the inputs.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Gonçalo,

Googling for that error it appears to usually be related to being unable to parse the server response headers.

Is the server also being exposed in OutSystems? From what you describe it looks like a problem in the service side.

João Rosado