Adding Header to PostRequest_Submit of HTTPRequestHandler

Adding Header to PostRequest_Submit of HTTPRequestHandler


Hi There,

I am trying to make a Post request to the payment gateway(stripe) to process a payment, and for the request to be successful I need to add the Authorization header as part of the request. I've created that header using AddHeader but how do I add it to PostRequest_Submit action?

I've tried using ardoHTTP extension as well, with that I was successfully able to add the header but I think it makes HTTP request not HTTPS or it uses older SSL version due to which my request was not successful either. 

I've attached the Sample oml with the parameters I need to send in the OnNotify action, can someone look at it and let me know how do I add Authorization header to the request?





I would stay away from the HttpRequestHandler methods to do the requests.

The builtin REST API's or the ardoHTTP extension are a way better and recent alternatives. And both can do https requests.

As for the ssl version it's not an issue specific with any of the 3 methods, but a java/.net configuration.

I know that for .Net there is a support page on how to configure it (and it is enabled by default in OutSytems 10 for .NET).

Not sure what are the defaults in Java. But a quick search tells me that the defaults for Java8 and the recommended configurations from the OutSystems Checklist for J2EE installation should do the trick. If that is not the case and you are in Java, you should open a ticket with support to get some help on it.

João Rosado


Oh just noticed that the checklist for version 9.1 only has TLSv1 on the recommended configuration, while the one for 10 already has 1.1 and 1.2.

I'll ask why that change wasn't backported to the older versions of the checklist...but I see no reason for it to be only TLSv1 as the objective of that change was just to force ssl3 to be disabled.

Thanks João, I was able to do it using build in Rest APIs without having to do any configurations! 

Much appreciate your help!