I've been having problems getting ServiceCenter installation to finish because it requires external connectivity to NativeBuilder API cloud resources.  I've talked my IT Security team into allowing connectivity to those resources on one of our proxy servers but I can't seem to get the ServiceCenter installation to use a proxy.  It tries to bypass and go directly out the open internet which is blocked where I work.

Does anyone know if there is a way to force the ServiceCenter installation to use a web proxy?

Is the connectivity to the NativeBuilder API resources required beyond this initial installation for further use of the OutSystems patform?  I am pretty sure I could get a temporary exemption to allow the installer to reach out directly, but I am not sure if I could get a permanent firewall rule.

Hey Chris,

I noticed you opened a support case and were provided with a solution for this problem.

Access to this API is required if you want to take advantage of OutSystems 10's capability to build mobile applications. This is the service that allows this functionality.

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Ricardo Silva

Hi Crish 

Can you fix this issue now. I have the same issue like you.

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