Integration Studio assembly file error when publishin extension

Integration Studio assembly file error when publishin extension



i want to publish an extension to the server.

i use the J2EE options, i installed eclipse, ant, jdk8.1 and set the ;aths and java_home and ant_home.

when i publish i get:

invalid extension implementation : unable to find the assembly file 'name.jar' in the extension

so my question is shoud i create an assembly file in the extension, and if so how to fo this?

or do i het this error because of some other reason in my setup?

Regards, Sven

Hi Sven,

I will assume you didn't skip the step about restarting Integratiin studio after setting the environment variables, right?

If so, try this:

Do a change to your extension and try to publish in Integration Studio.

In the publish dialog select the message about java compilation and see if there are any details in the bottom. (you may need to click the scrollbars to be able to read)

Does it say anything special? post a screenshot of it in this thread if possible.

Also post a screenshot with your Integration Studio java configurations.


João Rosado

Hallo João,

the extension itself is composed of oracle views see the screen shot below:

so in the extension i in this case do not actually use java, but the enterprise edition we are using uses the java stack so i want to get the setup right for Java use in the future.

i did restart inetgration studio, and tried to publish again.and again get the below error

i also added a docx as an attachement with the screenprints and the build.xml

does this make the case clearer for you?

Regards, sven

ad to the previous post,

for some reason he does not include the screen print i cpoied in, but i also included these in the attached docx


You should not have those 2 warnings saying that there is no source for your extension.

Since you only have entities, all the source can be automatically generated again. Just delete the Source folder and try to publish again.
If the problem continues click the "Update Source" button to force it.

João Rosado