[JIRA Connector] Data structure of array in field

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Published on 2018-12-04 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-12-04 by OutSystems R&D

Hi, so my custom field is a multiple option text, the jira api returns an array containing the several id+value on the field, but I can't figure what kind of structure to save it to in outsystems?  

Hi Afonso,

Unfortunately we can't have a generic solution for that on our component (yet). We're currently exploring a solution, with an extension, but it won't be available soon. (Sorry!)

If i understood correctly, and your doubt is related to what we're trying to solve on the connector, the only option is to have something hard coded, so, it won't work if you have dynamic custom fields.
Can you send the json returned by the connector api so that i can confirm my theory?


@Francisco, I believe he just needs to create the OS structures the appropriate way to fit the Jira's JSon structure.

@Afonso, can you provide your custom field's JSon structure that Jira API gives you? So I can help you assemblying the proper OS structure.

After giving to Service Studio the example of your JSON body (as described here), you can test your REST call and then, when you try to close the window, the platform will ask you if you want to use the response. If you click yes, Service Studio should automatically create those structures for you.