I am new to OutSystems. I need some help with validation message not going away after the error was corrected.

I have an input form, I saved without filling in a required field and got the validation error messages as expected. 

I filled in the field and save, got the "successfully saved" feedback message, but the error message of "Required field!" remained, it did not clear.

What am I missing please?

Here is a screenshot after I saved successfully:

Hello Elize, 

Welcome to Outsystems! ;) 

Did you refresh the Edit record after you save the information? 

Like in this example. 

I hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Miguel Vicente

Hello Elize, when you generate a screen using drag and drop an entity in your Mainflow the platform will generate your save button with property Method = Ajax Submit but it usually does not intefere because at the end of save method you are directed to the list screen if you has changed this behavior you must update the form via ajax refresh as indicated by Miguel.

Hope this help, sorry for my english.

Hi Elize

As Miguel said, you need to do an Ajax Refresh, this is, in order to refresh a part of the page. This video should help.

Thank you all for the responses, yes indeed I have to refresh the form in the save action, now it works.