[MicroBlink Plugin] Cannot get this to work in P10

[MicroBlink Plugin] Cannot get this to work in P10

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Published on 2016-12-28 by OutSystems Experts
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Published on 2016-12-28 by OutSystems Experts

Has anyone tried this plugin in P10?

I can get it to scan a driver's license but then it appears to crash program execution is not followed. I cannot retrieve any data back from the scan. Even the exception flow is not followed. 

I also am not getting any errors out anyplace that I can see. 

Any suggestions?

I am doing this in my own iOS native wrapper so I cannot easily see the console log. 

Is the console log reader used in OutSystems Now available as an extension that a developer can include in their own application?



Hi Erik,

In terms of logic, it seems ok. I just tested a simple flow in my own custom app and the plugin works fine.

I then tested using an invalid license. In that situation the application crashes just after opening the plugin. The camera shows for a couple of seconds and the application disappears. Is this what's happening to you? If so, please make sure you have a valid license.

Best of luck,


Hello Erik,

Turns out this was an issue with the plugin when scanning barcodes instead of MRZs. The plugin was fixed, so all you need to do is update from the forge, make sure you re-generate the native application, and everything should work.



I have downloaded the code from the forge today and I am facing the same issue as mentioned above. I am running this as a native app in my Google Pixel and my friends Amazon Blu. we cannot get the scanner to read any licenses only MRZs. 

What is the licence parameter of the ScanIdCard supposed to take! Sorry if my question strikes as dumb but I'm extremity new to out systems and cannot really see the obvious.

Hi Ashish,

The license parameter holds the license key you get from MicroBlink. You need to register an account in order to get a license, then you can request a demo license to try the plugin. Note that you need to set the Bundle ID with the App ID you use to generate your native app (e.g. com.outsystemscloud.youruser.yourapp)

In the end you should get a license key from MicroBlink that looks something like:


Best of luck,

Hi Rodrigo,

I too have some problems getting this plugin to work in Outsystems Now. I can only get it to work if I install the generated apk on my phone. Only then the camera starts on my phone (after I manually give this app permission to use the camera on my phone, it does not ask permission for it by itself), but no picture is taken from my driver licence (dutch). Lighting is sufficient and I keep the driver licence in the intended box. Setup in Microblink is obviously correct, I even changed the licence key which immediately resulted in an error-message using the app.

So to sum it up:

- In Outsystems Now the camera does not start

- As a stand-alone android-app the camera does start but does not take a picture from driver licence.

I can't use the 'Scan Card App' example either, since I can't create an apk for this.

Can you please create a plugin that works properly? For instance like the Outsystems camera plugin (a joy to use out of the box, including the proper checks if plugin is loaded correctly and picture is taken correctly). Or can you help me get this plugin to run in Outsystems Now, including the Scan Card App?

Thanks in advance, Rikki


Hello Rikki,

The MicroBlink plugin is not part of the supported plugins, so it is not included in OutSystems Now. This is a 3rd party plugin that requires you to generate a native app in order to use it.

I'm wondering, why can't you create the "Scan Card App" example? Do you have any problems generating the app?

In terms of not being able to scan the driver's license, from what I could understand, nothing is happening when you put the license on the frame... is that it? Have you tried with other cards that have an MRZ? Does it work?


Hello Rodrigo,

Thanks for your quick reply. Too bad it is not part of the standard supported plugins. The most recent version available of this plugin in Forge is released by Outsystems Experts, I was under the impression that this was the official development team, also because of this teaser on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nup3Fwjhc0k) but obviously I was mistaken.

I can publish the card scan app, but it is available as a web-app, not a phone app. So I can open it in a browser, but than the scan functionality (obviously) does not work. I can also open it in Outsystems Now on my phone but than the scan functionality does not work either. I can't create an apk (no 'Native Development' tab available in the project) , and on my phone the MicroBlink plugin only works if I install the app as an apk on my phone. As far as I can tell there is no easy way of converting a web app to a phone app?

On the topic of the driver's licence, you assume correctly, nothing is happening when I put the licence in the frame. Passport works fine.

Do you have any advice on how I can get this functionality in my phone app? Create a plugin myself from scratch using Github/Cordova? Thanks in advance, Rikki

Hi Rikki,

I can publish the card scan app, but it is available as a web-app, not a phone app. 

Oh, you are right.... The sample app is a web app, and it was meant to be used with a customized version of OutSystems Now. This was the method used to build mobile apps before OutSystems 10. 

I already edited the description and details of the sample app to point that out.

On the topic of the driver's licence, you assume correctly, nothing is happening when I put the licence in the frame. Passport works fine.

If it works correctly for passports and not for driver's licenses, it is probably a missing capability from Microblink... The only thing I can recommend is to get in touch with their support and see if that's the case... Eventually look for a plugin that does support dutch driver's licenses.

Best of luck!

Hi, i've successfully managed to use the component to read id cards in iOS, but i'm still struggling with Android. i'm getting the "Invalid license key error". I think the isue is in my package name for the license. I'm using the App identifier given by service studio: 

Is this the way to do it?


In the Run Client Action widget where I've selected the Action ScanIDCard... there's a parameter named License and that's where I've put the License # received from MicroBlink.

When you requested the License # you needed to provide a "Package Name".  The Package Name must be the  the same value as your OutSystems, Android Native Platform, App Identifier.  This ties the BlinkID License # to the OutSystems App.

Hi guys,

Yesterday I've download the BlinkIdPlugin from the forge, got a demo license from Microblink web site and tried the client action 'ScanIDCard' on an app that I've created with P10 (not using Outsystems Now!). At first, I got the error message 'Plugin not present or not loaded' and then I realized that I had to generate the app again. The error is gone, but now I receive a warning from MicroBlink that says 'Camera not ready.' with an ok option. When I get back to my screen, it says 'Scan cancelled!'. This happened in an Android. In iOS, it shuts down the app. So, this client action/plugin is not working.

Any help?