Entity action Create when using external tables / views


my question is basically how to make sure the create action for an entity in outsystems returns the id for the created record, when the entity in question is based on an external Oracle view.

the entity in os is based on an Oracle view that is selecting from a database table.

in integration studio the id of this view is defined as being the idetifier of the entity and the datatype of this identifier is long integer.

The sittuation now is that when i create a record with the entity action create the record is created in the external oracle database, but the return value id of this action is empty and does not contain the id of this new record.

how can i make sure that the id is returned?

Regards, sven

check the autonumber for that field.

if that fails you have to make sure that there is a trigger which returns the id back.

Hi Sven!

What is your platform version and with which Oracle database version are you trying to connect?

Best regards,

Carla Gregório