Static Attributes

Is there a way to define static attributes, similar to static entities? For example, a customer entity has an attribute sex, which can only have values male/female. How can we define such attributes?


I would make that column data type a static entity identifier of a static entity with those records as possible values.


João Rosado

Hi Joao,

I'm new to outsystems. Could you help me with how I can make the column datatype a static entity identifier? 

Do we need to add that column as a new static entity? 




Hi Nanditha,

To do what João suggest, you need to follow these steps:

1- Create a Static Entity

2- Add the records you want (male and female in this case)

3 - Finally, go to your Entity and set your "Sex" attribute Data Type to "MyStaticEntity Identifier"

That way, the sex attribute can only be "Male" or "Female".


Tiago Oliveira


Hi Tiago and João,

Thanks a Lot!!! It worked:)