UsePullToRefreh in Common Layout in OS 10 Mobile App

Upon completing the introductory ToDo app, I have noticed a conflict with one of the new features.

There is now a new attribute called UsePullToRefreh on a Common Layout web-block. As the title suggests, this allows the user to refresh a particular area of the screen by a simple swipe down. 

How good is that!!!

The conflict occurs where you have a list in that container, and you wish to scroll back to the top. A swipe down will always trigger a refresh, thus not letting you navigate to the top of the list.

Note, that the conflict only happens when you have a List - inside a Split Screen - inside a Common Layout.

A List inside a Common Layout works fine.

Is this a bug, or is there an attribute somewhere that I am missing



Hello Robbie,

Sorry for the late reply, we did identify and fix the issue thanks to your report and it will be available on next week. It was indeed a bug with the split screen pattern.

Thank you