Dynamically retrieve espace icon

Does anyone know which system table stores the Entity icons?  I have an application that displays all the application, espaces and entity metadata and I've found the application icons, but can't figure out where the customised e-space icons are.

Hi Steve,

The icon is related to a specific eSpace version instead of the eSpace and you can find it in the following system table: ossys_Espace_Version_Icon

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Remco Dekkinga

Hi Remco, 

Sorry for the late response.  Thanks for this information. I'm having a bit of trouble connecting to it.  

a) is there a way to get to it via aggregates?

b) assuming not, i'm trying to query it via sql and i'm getting an error.  I've set up a variable @TableName and set the value to "SYS_Espace_Version_Icon.  in my SQL I'm using SELECT * FROM OS@TableName.  I'm just getting:  Invalid object name 'OS@qpstTableName'.

Hi Steve,

You're alsmost there. You forgot to set the Expand Inline parameter of the Tablename input variable to Yes.

When set to No, I get the same error and when set to Yes, I get a list of icons.

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