Dynamically list Espace Actions

Is there a way to dynamically list the Espace Action names and descriptions (and icons if possible)?  IE I can search the system tables for Application, Espace and Entity info.  I'd like to also search Actions in a similar way.  

not to my knowledge

Hi Steve,

Inspecting OutDoc may provide you with a starting point. It includes logic to get lot of meta information from a .oml file, including action names, descriptions and a lot more.

Depending on your use case, OutDoc itself may be just what you need.



You CAN'T inspect OutDoc. All the action occurs in Extensions which deliberately exclude the source code.


Hi Justin,

I was talking about looking at how OutDoc uses that extension, which should be enough for some use cases.



Thanks very much for the thoughtful suggestions guys.  I'll get on it and have a look to see what I can use.  I will report back my findings.

There is the "OSSYS_MODULE_PUBLICELEMENT" table, but I'm guessing it only contains the public actions of each espace. (and no description or icon either)

There is a "references dashboard" forge component where you can see an applications actions (and other components).

 Have you gotten the solution? I have a same requirement now.