I have a setup where people can create a menu structure where they can pick any other node as a parent.  I am looking for a organization type chart so that I can show them a graphical representation of the whole menu.  I don't want to use google charts and highcharts doesnt apparently have a solution for this.  Any good widgets anyone has used?

The Employee Onboarding component in the Forge has a page that uses an organization chart that looks very nice.  The page is at

You'll have to download and install it to see what they are using.

Hope this helps,


Curt - I like the chart but how do you navigate around it?  I tried double clicking, click and drag and arrow keys but not movement.

I had no problem using the right hand scroll bar to go up and down and click and drag to go left and right.  Would be nice if you could click and drag in every direction but it looks like that only works horizontally.

in chrome on my computer there are no scroll bars

I would download it, install it and play with it.  It's the best org chart page I've seen for Outsystems.  If you decide to use it I'm sure the issues can be fixed.