Invalid Expression : Unexpected'Input_DueDate' in expression


I cannot publish because of some TrueChange errors, and don't know how to correct them.

I am doing "Part 1 : Form Validations" of the Input Validation Exercise  ("UI Basics" module) of "Developing Outsystems Mobile Apps".  The errors are :

1. Invalid Expression : Unexpected 'Input_DueDate' in expression,  and also :

2. Invalid Variable : Unknown variable in assign

there are also 2 warnings - which the author mentions in the previous exercise : "List and Detail Screen Exercise" - see attached excerpt (also in "UI Basics" module) - and promises to correct later - but never does . . .

3. Unused Element : Input parameter 'ToDoId' is never used in screen 'ToDos'

4. Unused Action : ListItem1OnClick action is never used in 'ToDos'

Please help  

ToDo.oml file

Hello Willem,

The OML you posted doesn't have any error messages, so I assume you've managed to solve them.

As for your second issue, I think you might be mixing things here. The article is referring to two error messages that should popup when you add a mandatory input parameter to your "ToDoDetail" screen. These error messages occur because, when you add a mandatory input parameter to a screen, every single link to that screen must specify a value for that parameter.

What you do have in your eSpace are two warning messages related to elements of the "ToDos" screen that are not being used: the "ToDoId" input parameter and the "ListItem1OnClick" action.

Hello Aurelio,

Thanks for your help with the warnings. It clarifies things for me.

But no, I did not manage to fix the errors mentioned. 

I will try to upload the ToDo file here. I hope the errors show ?

Hello Willem,

Ok, now I can see where your problem is. The way you're trying to assign the values is incorrect. The correct way to use the "Assign" element is to put the variable you want to assign to in the first field and the desired value in the second field.

I've corrected these errors in the OML I'm attaching to this post. Let me know if you need any more help.

Thank you so much Aurelio   I appreciate your help