[XML Records] OS10 problems!

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Published on 11 Jan by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 11 Jan by Afonso Carvalho

Hi Guys,

So we upgraded the cloud to OS 10. Since this moment we some problems with the XMLRecords extention. In OS you can create a screen/action parameter and create a structure in this. In OS 9 we had the problem that the first 2 letters from the first record was cut of for example:

We fixed this by making root -> aaroot it will cut of the first 2 letters and in the output of the record2xml there is:

Now after the upgrade we saw the output is like:

So we took off the aa only we can't do anything to the RC that is been added to the structure.

Then I tought let me upgrade the XMLRecords to version 1.6 only that version cant handle the screen structure at all!

So I'm in a bit of a problem or stay on version 1.5.8 and work with the RC in front of the records or upgrade to 1.6 and create structures because they do work.

Ore maybe the extention can be upgraded so it's compatilbe with OS 10 and the bug's are fixed 

Do you maybe have time to do this?

Please release a P10 version.

As this is a vital part of our Outsystems app landscape, we too need this updated to work fully with OS10!

And preferably improved XML generation that does not force me to add 10 regexes afterwards to make the XML compliant with the XSD the structures where generated from...